24 Reader Reviews of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs

Last week we gave away tickets to Arcade Fire's KeyArena show this Wednesday. To be entered into the random drawing (congrats, Dave!), readers had to submit their thoughts on the band's new album, The Suburbs. Thanks to all of you who submitted your reviews. Here's a look at what a few of you think about Arcade Fire's latest:

"The Suburbs is the OK Computer of this decade. Almost heretical, I know, but it's garnering a great deal of hyperbole from a great deal of people and I think it will continue to do so for a while." -- Wesley

"New album is great, tells the story of Springfield versus Shelbyville as it was always meant to be told." -- Matthew

"Rococo is the biggest earworm on the album The Suburbs, though Sprawl II is pretty smashing as well." -- Mike

"YES I'M YELLING! Album is AMAZE!" -- Jane

"The new album is just OK, I don't love it."

-- Joe

"I wish that I could tell you fantastic things about Arcade Fire...but I can't."

-- E

"The Suburbs is a mighty fine album. It is worth 1,000 words of praise. 1,000 words that I don't have the energy to type out right now, due to the fact that I just got done plowing my girlfriend, and all of my creative energy has been blocked by her nuva ring." -- Zach

"I'm liking it so far but I still think the best thing to come out of it is this." -- Sean

"I think the album starts off really strong, but starts to lose its appeal for me around the halfway point. I don't think I'll ever truly fall back in love with the Arcade Fire - they're very much a 2004 band for me, but The Suburbs is decent."

-- Amanda

"The Suburbs is my second-favorite album by The Arcade Fire. Not nearly as good as Funeral, but not nearly as forgettable as Neon Bible. Would LOVE the chance to see them live."

-- Stephen

"I am pretty infatuated with The Suburbs, like I get with every other Arcade Fire album. When I first bought it I literally listened to it on repeat during my commute for the subsequent three weeks. On the discography spectrum it takes a close second place to Funeral. It's has a nice ebb and flow. Personal favorite track is Rococo, though I'm banking that Sprawl II could be the indie club jam of the year." -- m.

"The new album is intriguing. " -- Norman

"I'm liking it so far but I still think the best thing to come out of it is this." -- Sean

"BEST Album Yet!!" -- Chris

"Staying true to their sound." -- Kim

"Finally a new Arcade Fire release! 'Modern Man,' 'Rococo,' and 'Empty Room' make the entire album worth buying." -- Kevin

"I think it's some of Arcade Fire's most straight forward work to date.

I love the moody post-punk ballad of their new single 'Modern Man.'" -- Christina

"So what do I think about "The Suburbs"? I hope this doesn't put me out of the running, but I don't know. I haven't listened to it yet. I know, that makes me seem like a jerk, considering I'm trying to get in the running for free tickets, but here's the deal: When I like a band, I always, always prefer to hear their new music live before anything else. I usually skip reviews, skip teaser downloads, etc. I want to feel the heart and soul of the music in person, with the band performing it especially for me (and several hundred/thousands of other fans). I want to come to the music and listen honestly, without being influenced by outside factors or recording studio wizardry. Then, if I dig it, I'll stop by the merch table and buy the record on the way out. And considering my obsessive personality, I'll probably end up listening to it for a few weeks straight. This has been my full intention with the new Arcade Fire, but then life/bills got in the way and here I am, on a too-tight budget with no room for fun stuff like concerts. So winning these tickets would be amazing, because I definitely can't afford to attend the show on my own...and I'd really, really love to attend!!" -- Tamara

"The music is great!" -- BB

"The suburbs is the most important album of 2010!" -- Sarah

"The best of their stuff has always zoomed out from the whingingly personal to the broadly political. The Suburbs doesn't stun like the band's debut, but its sprawl is satisfying and a fine development for the band and creates a curious angst for their fans." -- Dave

"All I know about Arcade Fire is that their appearance in Seattle coincides with my 8 year anniversary and my wife would love to go!" -- Evan

"Suburbs rulez! (I think I'll listen to it right now for some good luck vibes) The last song is my favorite, and how often does that happen on an album!? It's one of those albums that you can listen to start to finish; in the car, in the office, over drinks at a cool hipster party, etc." -- Angi

"I was personally kind of nervous about the hype leading up to The Suburbs... I adored Funeral as much as everyone else on earth, and as much as it pains me to say it, I was really pretty disappointed by Neon Bible. I mean, it was a good record and all, but nothing like the practically religious experience of the debut. But The Suburbs! I love it. And I'm relieved to be able to say so, because if they put out two albums in a row that didn't even nearly measure up to the power of Funeral, I'd have to rethink my stance on Arcade Fire in general. But no, I am back in love. And I want those tickets, so I can relive the magic of the Funeral tour!" -- Sara

"I'm an avid runner and I find Arcade Fire some of the best music to run to. It's also good for jamming in the car, writing, cooking....basically, a great soundtrack for life. I love The Suburbs and have been listening to it nonstop since buying it." -- Heidi

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