Watch It While You Can: Video of New, Unnamed Robin Pecknold Song

Robin Pecknold has been debuting new songs throughout his recent tour with Joanna Newsom; he had at least two, by my count, during last week's set at the Moore Theatre. One of those new songs has found its way onto Vimeo, recorded after Pecknold's solo set at Portland's Aladdin Theatre. It's beautiful and melancholy--exactly what you'd expect from the Fleet Foxes frontman--but it also sounds remarkably polished, like Pecknold has been using the past year to perfect his voice and guitar skills. No word about the song's title or whether it will end up on the new Fleet Foxes' album, but you'd better watch it while you can. Pitchfork posted a similar video from YouTube just four days ago and it's already been removed.

Just in case the new song disappears, here's Pecknold's solo version of Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song," which he also performed at the Moore last week (best part of the whole night, if you ask me):

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