Vetiver and Fruit Bats Cover Bobby Charles, Evidence that Eric Johnson Could Sing the Phonebook and Make it Awesome

Yours Truly has posted a video of an acoustic collaboration between the Fruit Bats' Eric Johnson and Vetiver's Andy Cabic. Filmed during the Huichica Music Festival in June, the recording is a simple, acoustic version of Bobby Charles' "I Must Be In A Good Place Now." (Charles is most famous for the early rock-and-roll classic "See You Later, Alligator." He died in January of this year.)

Aside from a questionably cheesy shot of a lone bird soaring through an open sky as around 3:45--cheesy because Johnson and Cabic are singing "saw a butterfly/and I named it after you" right when the bird shows up--the video is pretty straightforward. Just two super talented dudes singing and playing guitar, paying tribute to a pioneering musician.

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