Three Examples of Music that Just Sounds Better During Hot Summer Weather

This hot spell Seattle's experiencing won't last much longer, so I'm going to enjoy summer music while I can. Yes, that's right: there's some music I mostly want to hear in the fall and winter (this is depressing music; sorry, Cat Power and Bon Iver) and springtime (this is upbeat and hopeful, like Pearly Gate Music). Summer songs, to me, feel more expansive and energetic--lots of guitars and layered sounds. Here's three bands and artists I listen to more often in the summer time, and the reasons why:

3. Bruce Springsteen

I pretty much love Springsteen all the time, but something about the Boss just makes more sense when it's hot outside. (Maybe it's because his sleeves are always rolled up, even when he's already wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt.) This video for "I'm On Fire," for example, takes place at night, but it's gotta be a warm summer evening, the kind where you'd want to drive around in a convertible with the top down. And really, is anyone rocking out to "Glory Days" or "Born to Run" in the dead of winter?

(The exception to this rule is Nebraska, which is so haunting that it would likely bring down any summer fun you were having.)

2. Arcade Fire

I get that Arcade Fire is pretty much always awesome, but Neon Bible is too energetic of an album to listen to in a dark, rainy Pacific Northwest basement. (The organ parts on "Intervention" should probably be heard in a huge cathedral with natural acoustics, but that's neither here nor there.) "Keep the Car Running" is a huge song, and it needs the space of a long summer day.

1. Built to Spill

Everything on Keep It Like a Secret is so bubbly and busy, so bright and shiny, that it needs a sunny day to be fully appreciated. "Center of the Universe" is all words and guitars running after and falling over each other, the way one dog day of summer just bleeds into the next.

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