The Sunset Tavern + Flying Squirrel Pizza = Brilliant Idea

Eat me! Watch music!
Ballard's most rocking music venue just got even better -- very shortly, you'll be able to simultaneously watch live music, drink a beer, and -- wait for it -- EAT PIZZA. Mike Jaworski of the Sunset Tavern sent me this exciting email:

Starting October 10th, The Sunset will be serving delicious Flying Squirrel pizza. Sunset owner Max Genereaux and Flying Squirrel owner Bill Coury recently wed this beautiful partnership and we couldn't be more excited. I can't think of anything that goes better with rock n' roll and booze than a amazing slice of pie! We're very excited to be serving the best pizza in Seattle at our music venue and I know Flying Squirrel is thrilled to expand their operations into Ballard. We're all very excited to be working together and we think it will be a great experience for all of our customers.
My mind is blown! It's news that foodies, music fans, and, as the Surly Gourmand will tell you, men and women alike can rejoice about.

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