The Quit Releases Their Solid but Standard Full-Length, Tonight at Chop Suey

Artist: The Quit

EP: Stars Invisible By Day

Label: Tindrum Records

Release date: Today, August 6

Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Buy

Local Show: The Quit's CD release show is tonight at Chop Suey with Animals at Night and Mal de Mer. The $10 show starts at 8 p.m.

August is a good time for Stars Invisible By Day to come out. It's got all the poppy jangle and driving rhythms and head bobs for a perfect summer record, but the mood wilts as the dog days wear on. The perfect example: "Adolescent Malaise," with its heralding organ undercurrent and beachy tropical feel countered by carefree yet dark lyrics and a rocking, crashing, destructive jam at the end.

Vocally, they take cues from garage and punk, and I suspect the lyrics are sung with tongue squarely in cheek. Musically, it tries to crash the same parties as Tokyo Police Club or Wolf Parade on a calling-it-an-early-night. Unfortunately, those are all pretty overused, overdone concepts. Where The Quit does stand out is its flourishings of somewhat post-rock-inspired, hazy half-melodies, most notably in "Zarathustra." I'm wary of any song that dares an obvious Nietzche reference, but this one is too catchy to get past.

On a first listen, that only gets the band so far when a few truly creative moments are outnumbered by solid but standard tracks. Hopefully, the album's title isn't a curse to get lost in a sky of shinier, flashier indie products. There may not be anything too new here, but I certainly can't find much to complain about either.

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