The Must-Have Back-to-School Accessory Of 2010: Earbuds In Your Hoodie's Drawstring

Back-to-school season is my least favorite time of year. I haven't sat down in a classroom in years, but I still get anxiety and bouts of depression whenever I see signs in July and August for getting back to school. In Seattle, summer doesn't really start until the Fourth of July, and it seems like the very next day summer disappears into a haze of back-to-school advertising.

Anyway, I was in JCPenny yesterday and, holy crap, do the kids have something to look forward to this year. Yes, those are earbuds attached to your hoodie's drawstring. Apparently it's no longer cool to pull out the string. The hip thing to do is stick those dark laces in your ears.

Oh, (modern) kids.

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