The Hold Steady's Craig Finn: The Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Voice Is Puke

Mark Seliger
Craig Finn, left, with the Hold Steady.
Yesterday I chatted with The Hold Steady's Craig Finn, currently on break from promoting their new record, Heaven Is Whenever. We talked about the new record, religion, and why puking is the last thing you wanna do as a vocalist. I'll post more before the band's gig at Showbox at the Market on August 18.

Finn: I think any singer would probably tell you (that)...If you drink so much that you throw up, it's going to be a bad few weeks for your voice.

When was the last time that happened to you before a show?

Two years ago. I don't drink during Lent, just 'cause it gives me six weeks off. It was Easter, so I came back after six weeks off, and we happened to have a day off in Vegas. And the rest is history. I threw up and I couldn't sing for a few days. It was actually kinda terrible, 'cause then you feel like you let the whole band down, you know?

Did you have to cancel some shows?

No, not at all. I mean, you get through the shows, but your voice is just kinda shot. And there's a lot of anxiety around it, you know?

You're turning 39 in just a couple weeks. Are you dreading 40?

You know, 30 was so good! I guess, you know, I really was worried about 30 when I was 29. But the 30s turned out so good that I'm optimistic about the 40s.

I'm pretty psyched about what I do for a living and what my general life entails. I'm not that weird about it. Maybe once I turn 39 I'll start freaking out about it. But for now it's like, it's all cool.

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