Sugar Sugar Sugar, Bellingham's Answer to Wolfmother, Can't Get Enough Of That '70s Show, God Love 'Em

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Gunther Jose Frank
Artist: Sugar Sugar Sugar

Album: Can't Get Enough

Release Date: It's out!

Label: None

Rating (Skip, Stream, Buy): BUY!

Stream: Most of the album's on their MySpace

Sugar Sugar Sugar bounce around a lot on their self-released album, Can't Get Enough. They're certain they want to be Bellingham's answer to Wolfmother, but they're not as blindly enamored with Sabbath, and they take their liberties, exercising disparate influences from track to track, generally working the psychadelia, blues, and riffs that defined '70s rock hedonism.

But this earnest trio does it with charm, sorrowing through fuzzy dreamers ("Ends Are Out") as if they invented psych pop. On "Motorcycle," among the album's handful of standout tracks, they tuck in noodly, grinning guitar solos here and there with impunity, piecing together choruses of hyper-sunny oohhs and ahhhs. Never afraid to hit the high notes, vocalist Andru Creature's falsetto on "Sweet On U" sounds like another one of OK Go's grabs at Prince.

Sugar Sugar Sugar like to drone on, they like to mine the blues-rock canon, but they also like to get out and dance.

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