State of the Artist Captures a Laid-Back Party Vibe with New Video for "Extrahelladope"

Fresh off a couple of buzzworthy appearances at the Capitol Hill Block Party, State of the Artist--whom my colleague Erin Thompson kicked back with for her new column "Through @ Two," and thinks are "super cute"--released a new music video for "Extrahelladope," the lead single from debut album SeattleCaliFragilisticExtraHellaDopeness. Directed and edited by Stephan Gray--who's responsible for, among other things, music videos for Fresh Espresso's "Big or Small" that got MTV rotation Grynch's anthemic Internet phenomenon "My Volvo"--the video is a perfect glimpse of the place where Seattle and hip-hop intersect. The trio also has a headlining gig at the Columbia City Theater on Saturday (supported by a top-to-bottom solid lineup of the Stahi Bros, Hi-Life Soundsystem and The Good Sin) that you should probably make your way to, or regret missing.

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