One to Watch: The Missionary Position

The Missionary Position: Not boring sex
Just when I have a moment of temporary insanity and start grumbling about a lack of new local releases that are ringing my bell, a flurry of promising new artists hit my radar. Last week, it was Bryan John Appleby; this time it's the Missionary Position.

It's not exactly the most seductive name, but vocalist/guitaristJeff Angell (formerly found fronting Post Stardom Depression) and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Anderson (key bass, organ and piano) sound like a pair of semi-destructive, erotic alchemists on their new album, Diamonds in a Dead Sky. Musically, we're talking straight-forward, blues-based hard rock, with slivers of psychedelia stuck under its fingers, but the easy soul and libidinous swagger pushing behind it is what sets it apart from your average bar band. Angell is getting a lot of comparisons to Mark Lanegan, and while I hear that, I'm also sensing a splash of Gutter Twin Greg Dulli in his delivery.

When I had to take off before their set at the Sunset last Monday and local songwriter Michael Vermillion told me in no uncertain terms that I "SHOULD NOT LEAVE," I truly wish I had been in a position to deny my early-rising responsibilities the next day. As soon as I was home in bed, two different friends hit me with feverish text messages talking about how damn sexy the show was. The record is a great document and I can't wait to finally catch them live. Unfortunately, their next show is tomorrow at the Rendezvous, when I'm leaving town. Hopefully I'll get to catch the one after that, which is scheduled for Thursday, September 2 at the High Dive. Check out video and audio of the band over here.

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