Lovin' The Lonely H

The Lonely H
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For the last year or two, I've been hearing a bunch of stuff about a really talented band out of Port Angeles. At long last, I have given The Lonely H a little listen.

I must say, for young dudes in their early 20s, they have the best '70s-style rock sound that I have heard since then. For anyone who likes their rock a bit more earthy and unshaven, get yourself some Lonely H.

"Just Don't Know," Concrete Class: A real nice piece of almost Queen-ish summertime song-craftsmanship.

"Other Side of the Water," Concrete Class: Maybe these guys just sit and listen to Smokin'-era Humble Pie? Nice!

"Cold Blues," Concrete Class: A loping and lazy rocker. Get a muscle car, some beer, some weed, and go on down to the river for a few days with this record.

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