Love and Loudermilk

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I'm sure I've written about these guys before, but I just think they are too good (I even hired drummer Isaac Carpenter to play with my band, Loaded).

Here is a band that started in the late 90s from our very own Tri Cities and was so far ahead of their time that it was sure to fail without the right label and management guidance. In 1996, with the average age of the band being 16, Loudermilk made their first LP, Man With Gun Kills Three! Given the age of this band, this first record was an insanely majestic and dark record that started the inevitable major-label bidding war.

The result was The Red Record, made down in Los Angeles in 2000 and 2001 with the full host of 'it' producers of that time. The record is amazing, and, of course it died a quick death. It was just too different, then, I suppose. May I present, Loudermilk:

-- "Estrogen, Oxygen, Aches In My Teeth Again," Loudermilk (The Red Record)

-- "California," Loudermilk (The Red Record)

-- "Kreates A Presence To Blush," Loudermilk (The Red Record)

In my opinion, every song on this record is special and different, and trying to describe Loudermilk would just sound dumb, pale and hollow when set against this majestic body of musical work.

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