Kanye West's New "See Me Now": "I Know You Thinkin', 'This That Yeezy We All Love'"

Kanye West is back like he never left. Or lost his mind and did 808's and Heartbreak. And I couldn't be happier. Ever since videos of the a cappella "Mama's Boyfriend" Facebook headquarters performance hit YouTube, my excitement level for Good Ass Job his yet-untitled November 16 release has been peaked.

Featuring support from Beyoncé and Uncle Charlie Wilson as well as production contributions from No I.D. and Lex Luger, this afternoon's leak "See Me Now" is summery, self-indulgent and totally awesome. If there's one shortcoming, I'd have to agree with Elliott Wilson in that the bass could use a boost--as is, it's a little murky. But the cut is just too welcome to let nitpicking get in the way of enjoyment, especially considering the ad-libs near the end: "I feel like I'm on one of those old R. Kelly joints!" and "I know they put me back on the cover of Ebony now!" and personal favorite "Uncle Charlie, I'ma let you finish, but I got Beyoncé on the track!" 'Ye might be a little crazy, but the dude's a genius who can laugh at himself and knows how to rock a track. And you should download the latest one right this second.

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