Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, and Other Musical Heavy Hitters Throw Their Weight Behind KEXP's Seattle Center Proposal

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Some of the most successful names in Seattle music have recently shown their support for KEXP's proposal to redevelop the Fun Forest area at Seattle Center. Yesterday, numerous major-label musicians sent letter to the Century 21 Selection panel--that's the board overseeing the proposal process--supporting KEXP. Signers include Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, pretty much every member of Pearl Jam ever (yes, that includes Eddie Vedder), Reverb's own Duff McKagan, and Chris Ballew of The Presidents of The United States of America. (Dave Matthews of the eponymous band and Outgoing University of Washington President Mark Emmert sent their own letters of support, too.)

It's a big statement that these heavy hitters are willing to back KEXP, especially since KEXP is all about looking after the little guy. As stated in their Proposal FAQs on their website (emphasis mine):

Artists championed by KEXP are rarely supported by traditional non-profit arts organizations, nor are they typically supported by commercial media outlets... KEXP features emerging and other artists who aren't 'commercially viable' right alongside seasoned musicians with a global following and connects them with an audience eager to explore new music and ideas.

Anyway, the Century 21 panel is expected to make their decision before September, which is when the Fun Forest will be history

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