CD Review: Even "Cooler Than Me" Can't Save Mike Posner's 31 Minutes to Takeoff

Artist: Mike Posner

Album: 31 Minutes to Takeoff

Label: J-Records

Release date: August 10 (Today)

Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Skip

Download: "Cooler Than Me"

The other day, I had an epiphany--or, more accurately, a startling realization--"Holy shit, I think I really dig that 'Cooler Than Me' song." The lead single from Mike Posner's debut full length 31 Minutes to Takeoff about a girl who thinks she's, well, cooler than me, serves as a perfect example of the unstoppable pop-hooks the singer/producer is capable of. You have to understand this is the recent dual-degree Duke grad (sociology and business) who made his splash with "Drug Dealer Girl," which is arguably the "crush-on-my-supply" song for today's youth. But sadly, even a guest feature from Boyz II Men can't make the album as exciting as Posner's electro-laden radio hit. Despite some impressive live instrument-filled production, his half-whispered voice works for a song or two but eventually reveals that the lackluster singing is actually just masked by electronic polish. Even the record's best tracks like "Gone in September" reveal the youthful candor that's ultimately Posner's greatest strength and downfall: "I said I loved you in the summer/But will I love you in the fall?/I thought I wasn't like the others/Guess I'm an asshole after all. You're honest, Mike, and I appreciate that--it takes balls to call out the full name of your unfaithful ex ("Cheated"). You just have some growing up to do.

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