Bootlegs of New Robin Pecknold (Or Fleet Foxes) Songs from Moore Theatre Show Are Making the Internet Rounds

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Laura Musselman
Bootlegs of two new songs and one cover performed by Robin Pecknold during his Moore Theatre set this month have finally found their way online. We All Want Someone to Shout For posted the songs first; Pitchfork picked them up shortly after.

Both sites are saying that Pecknold debuted three new songs during his Moore show: "Lorelai" (this song might also be called "Blue Spotted Tail"; it's not certain), "Helplessness Blues," and "(Look Up, Look Down) That Lonesome Road." But I'm pretty sure that last song is a version of an old folk number that has been covered by Joan Baez, Madeleine Peyroux, Van Morrison, and a host of others. Regardless, all three songs are beautiful, and Pecknold's vocals are spot-on. "Lorelai" has more internal rhythm and meter than "Helplessness Blues," which is more of a rollicking folk song than an actual blues number. It's easy to imagine tambourines and the rolling drums of the rest of the Fleet Foxes aptly filling out "Helplessness Blues," and even easier to envision the song as a single from the band's next album. (It's not clear whether these are even Fleet Foxes' songs or just part of Pecknold's solo repertoire.)

There's no word on how WAWSTFR found the bootlegs the first place; Will Oliver, the blogger, lives in New York, but the songs are from a Seattle show. They're also ridiculously good quality for songs that were apparently recorded by an audience member. You can tell how quiet and attentive he was during Pecknold's set, because the recordings dead silent except for the guitar and vocals.

But I will put all these questions aside, because Oliver also posted a downloadable MP3 of Pecknold's solo version of Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song." Seriously, that song just kills me.

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