Black Angels + Black Mountain At the Showbox, Corin Tucker's "Doubt," And Justin Bieber's First Steps 2 Forever

The Corin Tucker Band
-- NPR Music: They've got an early stream of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, of which Reverb's Erin Thompson says: "Tonally, things may have calmed down, but they haven't lost any intensity; the Arcade Fire hasn't faded, they've evolved."

-- Kill Rock Stars: Download "Doubt," the first single off 1,000 Years, the forthcoming album from The Corin Tucker Band. Tucker and co. play Showbox at the Market on October 8.

-- Pitchfork: The Black Angels and Black Mountain play the Showbox on November 29. Both bands have new albums due out September 14.

-- Billboard: 16-year-old Justin Bieber is writing a memoir. There better be a story in Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story about meeting Miss McKagan.

-- O.C. Weekly: Frederick Milner, aka Derf Scratch, original bassist for the LA punk band FEAR passed away last week.

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