Also Tonight: Tanya Morgan With Def Dee and Language Arts at Columbia City Theater

Once you get past the idea that Tanya Morgan is not (despite what the name may lead you to believe) a pop diva or neo-soul songstress, the hip-hop trio's relaxed old-school vibe is beyond enjoyable. Brought to town by our very own Members Only collective, the collaboration between of Cincinnati emcees Ilyas and Donwill and Brooklyn rapper/producer Von Pea was most recently responsible for creating an imagined community (equal parts their hometowns Brooklyn and Cincinnati) that became the setting for their sophomore full-length release Brooklynati. But despite the seemingly fantastic setting, authentic lifestyle raps and effortlessly fluid lyricism translates into an entirely realistic underground ambience. And produced exclusively by Von Pea or unofficial crew producer Brick Beats, the outfit's sound is filled with great funk samples and drums that you can feel in your chest. Listening to Tanya Morgan is a trip back in time that doesn't sound aged--and can be counted on to make your head bob and stretch your face into a smile. With Def Dee, Language Arts and City Hall. Columbia City Theater. 4916 Rainier Ave. S., 722-3009. 9 p.m. $7.

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