Writer/Director Oren Moverman Talks About His "Raw and Chaotic" Cobain Biopic

The Israeli director Oren Moverman has produced Oscar-nominated work for films like the Bob Dylan-based I'm Not There. Good for him, but his current project is the infamous and (to me at least) much-dreaded Kurt Cobain biopic. Moverman recently told the U.K.'s Guardian:

It'll be raw and chaotic, which is what Cobain's life was like. People know the shortcut version -- he took a lot of heroin, wrote 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' became the biggest rock star in the world and killed himself. Those known things about him are to me the least interesting.
Moverman's film will be partially based on Charles Cross' 2002 Cobain biography, Heavier Than Heaven, and Courtney Love will serve as a co-producer.

Kill this. Someone please kill this.

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