Why I'm About to Give Up Coffee For LPs

This weekend's sale at Everyday Music -- used things were 20 percent off, new things 10 percent -- drove home to fact that I need to stop spending money on cups of coffee. Look: Cherry Street, Watertown, I love you both. I think you provide wonderful products at reasonable prices. And I'd say I buy between 300 and 400 cups a year (drip or Americano, not the spendy stuff). But at the end of the day, I'm left with nothing (unless you count the extra "doubled" cups from Watertown that I keep in my cupboard, see photo).

But I'm quickly learning that for the $1.50 or $2 I'm throwing down on retail coffee -- and often far less -- I can take home a quality album, and keep it forever. EM's sale last weekend was just gravy. My finds in the bargain bin were already dirt, or should I say coffee, cheap. The sticker price on James Taylor's self-titled, Apple Records debut was a buck, Charlie Rich's Behind Closed Doors was only 50 cents, and Gene Ammons' Jug was $5.

Who needs a latte when you can have Charlie Rich!?!?

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