Tonight: The Avett Brothers at the Paramount, The Round 62 at Woodland Park Zoo

Melissa Madison Fuller
The Avett Brothers, with Thao with The Get Down Stay Down. Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St., 877-STG-4TIX. 8 p.m. $33-$43. All ages. Though they've been making records since way back in the '01, North Carolina's Avett Brothers added some serious beard power to their sublime major label debut, last year's I and Love and You. Maybe when you start hanging out and working with luminary producer and legendary fuzz-face Rick Rubin you get furry via proxy. Or maybe it's that the youngest of the Avetts is knock, knock, knockin' on thirty's door and masking the fact he's as baby-faced as ever. Reason aside, the beards are fitting, as this is definitely the boys' most mature record to date. It's near perfect with its contemporary take on bluegrass traditions and rich with fraternal harmonies and grown-up themes. MA'CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

The Round 62 with Star Anna, Damien Jurado, Mark Pickerel, Gabe Archer of The Pale Pacific. Woodland Park Zoo, 601 N. 59th St., 684-4800. 6 p.m. $15. All ages. Listen up, Seattle! It is now time to bear witness to some serious artistic greatness right here in our town (OK, Ellensburg, but close!) Star Anna is the real deal, and if you haven't seen her or her amazing band yet, now is the time. I don't often throw out this kind of jargon, either spoken or written. But this woman from Ellensburg has originality and soul-especially live--that I just can't help but be in awe. It's a musical inspiration, a mix of Merle Haggard, Mark Lanegan and Patsy Cline. Do yourselves a favor and catch her locally soon-before it's just too damn late. The Only Thing That Matters is real, real fucking good. Godspeed, Star Anna. DUFF MCKAGAN

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