The 7 Most Bad-Ass Songs to Blast Out of Your Car Stereo This Hot & Sweaty Weekend


The 7 Most Bad-Ass Songs to Blast Out of Your Car Stereo This Hot & Sweaty Weekend

  • The 7 Most Bad-Ass Songs to Blast Out of Your Car Stereo This Hot & Sweaty Weekend

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    Hey, it's finally hot out! This weekend, while you're out and about in the heat, just remember that summertime is all about "looking cool." That means when you're in your car with the windows down and your Ray-Bans on, you need some bumping music playing loudly on your stereo in order for you to really look like a "bad-ass." I do this a lot, so go ahead and trust me as an expert.

    Here are my 7 favorite songs to blast out of my car -- they've all been road-tested, satisfaction guaranteed.

    1. The Kills, "Cheap and Cheerful," off 2008's Midnight Boom: This one's my favorite driving song right now -- it has a crazy-addictive beat and features Alison Mosshart singing the insanely bad-ass lyrics, "I want you to be crazy 'cuz you're boring baby when you're straight/ I want you to be crazy 'cuz you're stupid baby when you're a saint." I guarantee it'll get stuck in your head.

    2. The Black Keys, "Modern Times," off 2006's Modern Times: 2010 is all about Brothers, but "Modern Times" still has my favorite Dan Auerbach vocals. The song is devastatingly bluesy with a crunching guitar riff that sounds super bad-ass blasting out of your car.

    3. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Man," off 2003's Fever to Tell: All three of the YYYs albums sound best turned up to the highest volume possible, but "Man" has a particular swagger and snotty attitude to it that I love. Nothing says bad-ass like Karen O telling us we're all going to burn in hell.

    4. Jurassic 5, "The Influence," off 2000's Quality Control: Speaking of swagger.... "The Influence" exudes a laid-back cool, flowing along as smooth as a summer breeze. Put your seat back and slouch back against it for this song.

    5. Spoon, "I Turn My Camera On," off 2005's Gimme Fiction: Bonus points if you mouth the words and wink at some babe on the sidewalk.

    6. The Kinks, "Powerman," off 1970's Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One: "Powerman" rumbles along like a gassy exhaust pipe; it's quite invigorating and will get you pumped up for wherever you're headed.

    7. Sleigh Bells, "A/B Machines," from 2010's Treats: "A/B Machines" fulfills all my requirements for a bad-ass driving song -- rowdy, edgy, and loud as fuck. And when the beat drops midway through the song and Alexis Krauss starts screaming like a madwoman... Seriously, this song is the ultimate.

    Got any other suggestions for me?

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