Stream Three New Songs From Sun Kil Moon + Show at Town Hall on Sept. 7


Mark Kozelek is easily one of the saddest dudes in indie folk. His songs aare delicate and simple, and it doesn't take much for them to tug and your heartstrings. (Seriously: his carefully plucked guitar kind of sounds like it's crying.)

Kozelek's band, Sun Kil Moon, has a new album slated for July 13 release. and it's following the same melancholy mold. His record label, Caldo Verde, has posted three songs from Admiral Fell Promises for free streaming. "You Are My Sun," the latest song, is nowhere near as cheery as the title suggests; it's down tempo and beautiful instead. You can listen to them all here.

If you've never heard Sun Kil Moon before, I enthusiastically endorse 2005's Tiny Cities , an album of Modest Mouse covers. (I prefer Kozelek's versions to the originals). Here's a terribly cheesy fan video for "Never Ending Math Equation," the best song on Tiny Cities:

Sun Kil Moon will perform at Town Hall in Seattle Sept. 7.

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