Noise for the Needy Raises $24,781, Proving That Going to Shows Can Save the World

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The Maldives played the 2010 Noise for the Needy Festival, held in June.
Who says music can't help people? After tallying all the numbers from last month's Noise for the Needy Festival, the non-profit announced that it raised $24,781 over four nights. That money will go to Teen Feed, a Seattle-based organization that serves more than 11,000 meals each year to 600 homeless youth in the area.

If large numbers scare you, here's the breakdown of that nearly $25,000. According to a press release, those proceeds will feed 2,500 more kids this year. Plus, all the added publicity from Teen Feed inspired 40 more people to volunteer with the organization.

Maybe this year's high-quality, highly local lineup had something to do with the event's success: headliners included The Album Leaf, Visqueen, John Vanderslice, Portland Cello Project, Horse Feathers, Tiny Vipers, The Maldives and Whalebones.

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