Need an Introduction (or re-Introduction) to Local Hip-Hop? Get a Taste of Seattle's Best

For once in this fine city, we're not talking about coffee. Sporting a great range of summer anthems and club bangers, this Mario Sweet-hosted and Justo-DJ'd Seattle's Best mixtape was made "not only for the local heads to ride into the beautiful sunsets of Seattle summer with, but also for those people both far and wide starving for a taste of something fresh, something innovative and very Northwest." The tape features tracks from a dozen of the city's finest, including The Physics, Grynch, D. Black, THEESatisfaction, Sol, J. Pinder, as well as some entertaining drops from "old-ass" town legend Vitamin D, Sportn' Life goofball Spaceman, and super-producer Jake One. So whether you're a die-hard fan or didn't know where to dive in until now--here's your chance to get acquainted.

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