Kudos for Menomena, "New" Music From Elvis, Gorillaz in Syria, and Kings of Leon Eat Shit

-- Pitchfork: Menomena's new record, Mines, gets a generous rating of 8.2. "Mines, more than any of their previous work, really sounds like the trio did as much conventional songwriting as jamming, looping, and editing."

-- CNN: Kings Of Leon had to bail on their St. Louis gig after just three songs after pigeons shit into bassist Jared Followill's mouth. Repeatedly.

-- NME: The folks keeping Elvis Presley alive have updated a batch of the singer's songs -- "Suspicious Minds," "Burning Love," etc.--for a new album, Viva Elvis, due in November.

-- Billboard: In other Elvis news, the alleged autopsy tools used to prepare the King's body have been taken off the auction block after questions were raised about their authenticity.

-- Spinner: Gorillaz played Damascus. No other British band has ever done that.

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