Happy Birthday Christine McVie!

Today is the 66th birthday of Fleetwood Mac's best and brightest vocalist -- no, not Stevie Nicks, I'm talking about the amazing and forever underrated Christine McVie. When I was a little kid first listening to FM and McVie would sing, I thought she was a dude. But then I found out, no, she's a woman with an awesomely beautiful contralto, and since then she's always been my favorite. It was a McVie song that broke Fleetwood Mac into the U.S. Top 40 (1975's "Over My Head"), McVie who sang the smash hit "You Make Loving Fun," and McVie who sang the official song of the 1993 Clinton campaign, "Don't Stop."

This video is of "Say You Love Me," off FM's self-titled album -- the footage is from 1976's Rosebud documentary. I love you Christine! Happy birthday!

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