Comment That I Really Hope Is Actually Really From the Real Peter Frampton

Commenting on Greg Franklin's review of the YES/Peter Frampton show at Snoqualmie Casino, "Peter Frampton," says:

Maybe if the reviewer had arrived on time to see our entire show I would not have commented. But firstly, I do not open for YES, I went on first as part of a co-headline tour we have been doing for two months now. Also, you might have not liked our version of, "Black Hole Sun" but it's part of an instrumental album I was awarded a Grammy for in 2007. So to just say I still love the talkbox and I'm a charming guy without mentioning my musicianship I find weird. Next time please get there on time to see the whole show before you comment not witnessing the whole story.

Mr. Frampton, I do believe it is undebatable that you are indeed a charming, pretty, power rocker who loves his talkbox.

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