Chatting With Jimmy Cliff Is Not a Bad Way to Start Your Morning: "Broken Bones Cannot Be Healed By Throwing Stones"

In a couple days, I'll post more of my conversation with Jimmy Cliff, the reggae legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer plays a sold-out show at the Woodland Park Zoo on July 21. But here's a taste to get your Tuesday morning started.

Have you been writing any music lately?

Yes, yesterday I was writing. Yesterday I was working on an idea that comes to me as a song called "Bridges." Bridges between the gaps. Oh, we need bridges right now all over the world between all the gaps that we have.

Any bridges in particular?

They are family bridges. They are cultural bridges. They are political bridges, social bridges. I think the material to bring these bridges with is really love. That's what's missing today.

We went through a phase where it was like very conscious in the mind, the importance of love in our life. It seemed like it was a phase. It's not one phase of time. Humanity, always you need peace and love. And if somebody say it and it becomes like a cliche, but it's not a cliche, really. If there was love, there would be no war going on in Afghanistan.

Broken bones cannot be healed by throwing stones.

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