Carissa's Wierd, West Seattle Summers, and Other Music Stories From This Week's Paper

Courtesy Harly Art
Carissa's Wierd
Time magazine can pull down all the print stories they want from their website, but we're still a bit old-fashioned. The online version of our print edition is still available online, 24/7, and in its entirety right over here. Speaking of which, here's some of what you'll find this week:

-- Carissa's Wierd: Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone: The Seattle band's popularity makes it easy to forget their under-appreciated existence.

-- Duff McKagan: Leave It to Bieber: If your daughter gets the Bieber bug, the whole family catches it.

-- Rocket Queen: It's a Family Affair: The West Seattle Summer Fest has plenty for the rockers and their parents.

-- This Week's Recommended Shows: From The Coup to Ariel Pink.

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