"$5 Cover Seattle" Releases Footage of The Lights' "Buttons vs Boulders," but Docudrama's Release Date Still Unknown

"$5 Cover Seattle," the Lynn Shelton-directed and MTV-produced docudrama, has released live footage of discordant local indie trio The Lights performing "Buttons vs Boulders." As a music video for the song (the title track on this year's Failed Graves), the footage makes perfect sense: it's tightly shot, with up-close sweaty images of lead singer Craig Chambers, lead singer bassist Jeff Albertson, drummer PJ Rogalski and head-bopping crowd members. It's a smartly controlled mess, just like The Lights' music.

A few things about this video, though, don't make much sense. The exact location of the show being filmed is unclear: the video's first few seconds include an exterior shot of Pike Street on Capitol Hill, and it seems to imply that the Wildrose is the venue in question. Since the video video includes mostly tight shots of the crowd and the musicians, it's tough to get a read on the venue's interior, too. If anyone remembers this show being filmed last August , I'd be interested to know where.UPDATE: It was indeed filmed at the Wildrose, according to Albertson.

The other burning question: When will "$5 Cover Seattle" debut online? Fans have been asking about it on the show's Facebook page to no response, and MTV's own website isn't revealing much, either.

Anyway, for those who care more about The Lights than a semi-scripted docudrama, the band plays August 19 at the Sunset Tavern.

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