The Catheters Gearing Up For Their Reunion Show Tomorrow Night at the Sunset's Anniversary Party

The Catheters are one of many bands helping the Sunset celebrate its tenth anniversary this weekend -- the band broke up six years ago and have since moved on to other projects -- all members are currently also in either Black Whales (Dave Brozowski), Idle Times (Brian Standeford), the Girls (Derek Mason), the Spits (Mason again), or Unnatural Helpers (Leo Gebhardt). But tomorrow night they're regrouping to play the Sunset with the also reunited Cops, as well as the Tripwires, the Basements, and DJ Danger Nun. Bobby McHugh caught the band at a SoDo practice space:





Click here to see more photos, and here to read more about the Catheters' reunion in Sara Brickner's feature on the Sunset's big birthday.

But beyond the show tomorrow night, don't get your hopes up too high -- Brozowski just told me:

It is our first show together since calling it quits and likely the second last show for the band. No plans or talks of reforming since everyone has moved onto to other projects.
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