Seattle: We Need a Dog Concert A La Laurie Anderson's Australian "Music For Dogs"

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On Saturday, dogs in Sydney, Australia had their day. The performance artist Laurie Anderson debuted "Music For Dogs" in front of the Sydney Opera House as part of the Vivid LIVE arts festival (which Anderson curates with her husband, Lou Reed). "Music For Dogs" is a "20-minute work consists of thumping beats, whistles and high-pitched electronic sounds that cannot be heard by human ears," and according the Associated Press, the concert was a huge success. While some dogs ""stared at the stage with glazed eyes," others were driven ""into a frenzy" by the whale sounds included in the composition; a Jack Russell terrier named Oliver was so excited he ran onto the stage; and Anderson herself called it "the most amazing concert I've ever, ever gotten to give."

Seattle! We need a dog concert! Our plethora of dog parks are no longer sufficient cultured entertainment for our dogs! A sunny day at Marymoor Park this summer would be perfect. Composers? Concert organizers? Live Nation? Anyone?

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