Red Fang's Misty-Eyed Sunset Memories

When I interviewed Red Fang drummer John Sherman about his personal history with the Sunset while previewing their show this Saturday as part of the Sunset's 10-Year Anniversary blow-out, it turned out to be impressively extensive and fraught with warmly recollected, beer-soaked memories. He shared these tales and the photo below:


"The first time I played the Sunset was in August 2000. I was still living in NC playing in a band called Mercury Birds. We knew we were breaking up, but agreed to do one last tour with our good hometown bros, the Cherry Vallence (who were really picking up steam at the time). We arrived at the Sunset and were treated to our first 'green room' of the tour - complete with tubs of beer and a fucking deli tray! That may be the only deli tray they ever got. I know it was the only one WE ever got. Anyway, the show fucking WENT OFF!! Tons of rad people showed up and everyone who worked there was super rad. That was the first time I met Drew Church. He had booked the show and when I told him our band was breaking up, BUT I was moving to Portland and would surely have a new band soon, he said, 'Here's my number. Call me when you have a band in Portland. I guarantee you a rad show here.' Or something like that."

"So cut to about six months later (or so, memories are hazy) I had a new band in Portland called Party Time. I dug out his number, called him, and sure as shit he booked us at the Sunset. That was the beginning of a LOOOOONG and awesome friendship with Drew and the Sunset. Party Time played there countless times over the years, often with Drew's band, Broadcast Oblivion, who we teamed up with to create the ultimate experience we called Situation Awesome - 2 drummers, 2 bass players, and 4 guitars. It was awesome!! And now with Red Fang, who is 3 of the 5 Party Time guys, the tradition continues. Wow.. I guess if June 26th is their 10th anniversary and the first time I played there was August 2000, I have been a part of this place since the almost beginning! I'll drink to that!"

"I found a picture I took of the crowd that August night in 2000.There's [Emerald City Soul Club promoter] Mike Nipper in the front right beside a chick who would later become my wife! Good times."

Note: There are all sorts of notable Seattle faces in there. Holler in the comments if you recognize anyone...

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