New Release I'm Most Excited About in 2010: The Blow's Upcoming EP

A photo from Khaela Maricich's blog, her current artistic outlet while taking a hiatus from The Blow.
I know 2010 isn't even half over yet--which means there's plenty of time for totally mind-blowing music to reach my ears--but I find the news that Khaela Maricich is planning a new EP incredibly exciting. The former Portland and Olympia resident has officially been on hiatus from performing as The Blow for the past year, and it's been even longer since the longtime K Records artist recorded anything. She released a remix of the bubbling, darling Poor Aim: Love Songs EP in 2007 but hasn't recorded a full-length since 2006's inspired Paper Television . In the meantime, she's been living in New York and keeping a thoughtful, entertaining blog (her recent post about working for the Olympia census is cute and heartfelt, just like The Blow's songs).

But Maricich is (finally!) redirecting her energy toward music. She's got a number of international shows lined up for the summer, and (according a recent press release from her publicist) she's performing a new set of songs with a narrative stage performance. That new EP is planned for 2010 release; a full-length is also forthcoming, but there's no more details about when--or whether either album will be on K Records, for that matter.

Until then, I'll be listening to Poor Aim on repeat.

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