Matador's 21st, Dirty Projectors + Bjork, Slash at The Showbox, and SSO's New Hire

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Chris Kornelis
Cat Power at Showbox SoDo.
-- NME: Matador Records is celebrating its 21st birthday with a three-night concert series in Las Vegas featuring Spoon, The New Pornographers, Pavement, Cat Power, and other indie favorites.

-- Spinner: Dirty Projectors + Bjork = Mount Wittenberg Orca. Get the 7-song EP here.

-- NPR Music: NPR listeners says Gorillaz' Plastic Beach is the best album of the year so far. The Black Keys, Beach House, and The National also make their listeners' top-50 list.

-- NY Times: On Seattle Symphony Orchestra's new conductor: "The road to conducting fame can follow many routes but usually has one or two crucial elements: a lucky last-minute substitution at a major orchestra; an influential mentor; reasonable doses of talent and charisma. All of those came together for the young Frenchman Ludovic Morlot, who will become the next music director of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra."

-- NME: Slash has announced a solo tour that will wrap up at The Showbox at the Market on October 2.

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