Courtney Love's Worst Performance Ever (And That's Saying a Lot)

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Someday I will hate like you hate? Already there, Courtney. Already there.
A Courtney Love show is like a NASCAR race: you're only disappointed if there isn't a car crash. But there are wrecks, and then there is the 40-car pile-up Love and the people she's currently paying to approximate her former band Hole left onstage at Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club last night.

The Washington Post's David Malitz had the good fortune to be in the audience on Sunday when Love spun out of control, a reportorial stroke of luck that's the musical opposite of being in a smoky Greenwich club on whatever night in 1965 that the Velvet Underground first debuted.

Faced with the abundance of material Love provided him, Malitz did not disappoint. His review is excellent, the "Ulysses" of shitty concert write-ups. And I urge you to read it in full, if only to better understand why this year's Bumbershoot line-up is a disaster in the making.

But since this blog needs some eyeballs too, after the jump let's give a greatest-hits rundown of why this was Love's worst performance ever.

- She showed up late. An hour late.

- She had a flacky filming her onstage with an iPhone. Not for a song, or half the set, but for the entire concert.

- Her between-song chatter sometimes lasted in excess of 10 minutes or more. And when she got around to actually playing the songs, she missed notes, chords and sometimes entire refrains.

- She told a black girl that her being into rock and roll was kind of like Love being into Lil' Wayne. Awkward.

- She wore a see-through top without a bra. Then put on a bra she'd gotten from an audience member. Then took that bra off again during the encore.

- She butchered Big Star's "Thirteen." (HERETIC!)

Again, READ THE WHOLE THING HERE. Even with that run-down, you're still in for the treat that is Malitz's devastating castration of Love (c'mon, you KNOW she's got herself a set).

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