Blitzen Trapper Disappoints With a Host of Unfinished Ideas On Destroyer of the Void

Todd Roeth
Artist: Blitzen Trapper

Album: Destroyer of the Void

Label: Sub Pop

Release Date: Today, June 8

Rating (Skip, Stream, Buy): Skip

Download: "Heaven and Earth"

Blitzen Trapper scores the "experimental" tag with regularity and with good reason: the Portland, Ore. crew are a torrent of suggestions and ideas. On their latest Sub Pop album, Destroyer of the Void, they blend acoustic folks and electric indie rockers with bursts of grandiose arena rock a la Queen, sometimes in the same song (see the title track). Too often, it's too much.

Many good ideas stacked on top of each other do not make a better idea. At least not in this case. Devendra Banhart is a master of fusing disparate noises and melodies for the better. But for Bitzen Trapper, it make their jams unlistenable.

But even when there is a cohesive sound, singer Eric Earley seems dead set on taking the lyrics and songs on never-ending tangents, leaving Destroyer -- though not without its positive moments -- completely without flow, sounding like a bunch of unfinished experiments.

It'd be great if they finished just one.

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