Amanda Palmer to Release Radiohead Cover Album, Since Nobody Else was Doing it That Day

There is no shortage of Radiohead albums. Radiohead has done just fine making seven of them on their own. But after a couple decades of tested tracks just about every genre has deemed it fair game to subject those tracks to cover albums, yelping "let me try!" and "my turn! my turn!" and getting their grimy hands all over poor Radiohead's repertoire. There was reggae Radiohead, classical piano Radiohead, hipster Radiohead, hipster baby Radiohead...

And now, punk rock ukulele Radiohead.

amanda palmer radiohead.jpg

Courtesy of Amanda Palmer, of The Dresden Dolls. It's okay this time, because everything Amanda Palmer does is one big middle finger, so it's hard to believe this is just her requisite Radiohead rite of passage. Palmer has been writing about the idea for months and put up a live recording of "High and Dry" on YouTube, but the release date is finally out for the actual album, along with the first single.

Amanda Palmer Plays the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele (which is exactly what it says it is) is due July 17th, via for a minimum donation of 40 cents per track--9 cents goes to Radiohead royalties, 31 cents goes to PayPal transaction fees and anything further goes to Palmer herself. You can stream "Idioteque" now, or you can download it for the 40-cent fee.

A post by Palmer on her discussion forum, where she solicited requests from fans, also names "Creep," "Fake Plastic Trees," "No Surprises" and "High and Dry" as other potential tracks.

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