Sasquatch! Saturday: Your View at the Gorge Is Now Obstructed By a Huge Black Garbage Bag

Renee McMahon
The new look from the front of the stage.
Update: Live Nation confirms that the garbage bag will be back at the Gorge for the 2011 season.

A person used to be able to look directly at mainstage artists and see straight through to the Columbia River and the surrounding hills. It was the most picturesque view in rock and roll. Today you look out on a big black garbage bag.

Sure, everything surrounding the stage remains gorgeous. But its affect on the aesthetic cannot be overstated. It used to look like bands were performing on top of the Columbia River. Now if you're standing in front of the stage you can't see the river and hardly the hills. It's all Hefty chic.

A spokesperson for LiveNation, owners of the Gorge, said the new curtains were part of the new stage installed before this season (Saturday's was the first show), and were installed for weather proofing.

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It's now view-proof, too.

Before the garbage bag.

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