Speaking of Bumbershoot, the Lineup Will Be Announced On June 1

Jenny Jimenez
Stylish boots were the essential accessory at a rainy Bumbershoot 2009.
One Reel brass say they're announcing the lineup later than usual this year because they feel it makes sense, considering their new ticketing options. And they've got a point. As we previously reported, this is the first year Bumbershoot will be offering an "economy" ticket good for everything except the mainstage headliners. Economy and standard tickets go on sale June 1 for $22 and $40, respectively. Prices jump to $30 and $50 the day of the show.

The new ticketing sounds like a good deal, though having not seen the lineup yet, it's hard to say definitively. Though it's hard to imagine that for $22 you wouldn't be getting more music for your money than seeing the Vampire Weekend/Beach House/Dum Dum Girls show for $39.50 the previous weekend. A great show, yes, but not that festival bargain Bumbershoot has the potential to be at $22.

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