Sasquatch! Saturday: Vampire Weekend Plays To Its Base, and a Neko Case Boycott

3vampire weekendsas.jpg
Renee McMahon
Vampire Weekend played the Sasquatch! Music Festival at the Gorge on Saturday, May 29.
Who: Vampire Weekend

When: 8:30 p.m.(is), Saturday, May 29

Where: Sasquatch! Mainstage

Nothing more needs to be said about Vampire Weekend's set than what the kid who bummed a cigarette from me said: "Now, if you want to get a whole bunch of white people dancing like morons, that's the band. And I was in there dancing like a moron."

This kid also almost got himself thrown out for being too drunk. He said he was interrogated by some officials, but talked himself out of getting tossed because he could answer their sobriety quiz: What band is playing the mainstage tonight? (Answer: My Morning Jacket.)

Also, this kid has been boycotting Neko Case since her Sasquatch! set was rained out in 2006. He knows he'd like her new stuff, but won't listen to it. And he won't go to her shows. It's like he blames her for the storm. Or something.

After we stood up and were parting ways, I guy walked up to the kid and asked, "Hey man, can I bum a cigarette." "No," the kid says, "but Chris does."

Thanks, dude!

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