Sasquatch! Saturday: The National's Live Set Stands Up Against Its Records

Renee McMahon
The National played the Sasquatch! Music Festival at the Gorge on Saturday, May 29.
Who: The National

When: 7 p.m.(ish)

Where: Sasquatch! Mainstage

It shouldn't really be surprising that The National's slow-burning, low-humming, melodramatic pop would make for the evening's most exhilarating set. Augmented by a trumpet, trombone, and multi-instrumentalist (viola, etc.), the Brooklyn band roared from the stage--not quite with a wall of sound--with a wave of noise that crested and crashed at the culmination of every song.

Frontman Matt Berninger, who doesn't play guitar or any other instrument on stage, leans into his songs while double-fisting the microphone. Watching him think and react to the music is as exciting as listening. When he's not singing, he paces around the stage, anxious to find something to busy his idle hands, often screaming to nowhere. It was an intense scene, possibly one that could easily get laborious after another 45 minutes.

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Renee McMahon

Renee McMahon

Renee McMahon
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