Phantogram at Neumos Last Night: The 2 Songs I Got To Hear Were Great

Phantogram, I'm sorry I missed you.
So last night my friend and I rolled up to Neumos at around 9, and there was a good-sized line stretching out the door. We figured it was the ticket line, but when we went into Moe Bar, hoping to sit it out with some drinks, we saw that Phantogram was already on stage. Turns out the show was sold out, and that long line was for people with will call tickets or on the guestlist. That means some people who bought tickets specifically to see Phantogram - which, from the amount of bitching I heard in line, there were a lot of - missed them while waiting in this bizarrely slow line. The doors were at 8pm, so I'm not sure what the hold up was. By the time we got in, it was 9:40pm, and we only got to see 2 songs. What we heard was great - Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel move well together on stage, and both their vocals sounded strong and convincing. They closed with probably the best song on their record, "When I'm Small," and Barthel wore shiny pants, so I'm glad I caught at least the end of the set.

But my friend and I were so bummed at missing the show that we skipped the Antlers and went home to make smoothies and watch a Vietnam War documentary instead. (It's good).

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