There were a few items of note in my conversation with Pearly Gate Music's Zach Tillman-- profiled in this week's music lead --that I thought


Pearly Gate Music's Zach Tillman On Leonard Cohen, Jam Bands, and Forming a Band With That Guy From Fleet Foxes

There were a few items of note in my conversation with Pearly Gate Music's Zach Tillman--profiled in this week's music lead--that I thought y'all might be interested in. Tillman's self-titled debut hits stores on Tuesday (listen to the single, "Big Escape"), and the band's on the bill for UW's Lawnapalooza on the afternoon of Thursday, May 20. Despite what the crotchety Mike "McCartney-Hatin'" Seely says about the album, I maintain that this is an exciting time to catch the band. You won't regret skipping work to see them. That's my plan.

Here are extra notes from our chat:

Yes, he and his brother, J. Tillman--drummer of Fleet Foxes and a singer/songwriter himself--may form a proper band together:

We have like a working title, it's Windbeam or Windbeams. And then we're also talking about going out to this farm that's in the family. It's in Rock Hall, Maryland. We have plans to go out there and write a family history record.

On the merits of one group of musicians touring together as several bands. As in, one set would be Pearly Gate Music and the other would be J. Tillman, or something:

I think, like, that and jam bands are the only truly economical way to tour 'cause you either need a band that can play for 3 hours. Or like one group of people who can do, like, three different 45-minute sets.

I struggle with that idea 'cause I worry about the audience a little bit, like, will people be able to understand what is going on? Or will they see the same people up there and feel like they're just watching the same three bands play three times. Especially if the songs aren't really distributed into the consciousness of the people.

If it was a long time from now and people really knew the songs being played I think it would work well, but at this point I'm still establishing these songs. But, yeah, we've definitely talked about that. I think that would be so fun.

Why he plays a nylon-string guitar:

My fingers are pretty big. I have trouble with some of the more intricate stuff on like a standard steel-string guitar. I ended up just playing a lot on a nylon string. And also, like, I love Leonard Cohen. That was his form.

On what he's listening to:

I listen to like, five bands, and it's been that way for a long time. Right now, it'd probably be like Leonard Cohen, Talking Heads, The Kinks, The Microphones, and, uh ... I always listen to Bob Dylan, obviously.

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