Music Video: Ramona Falls' "Russia," Featuring Origami, Skating Rinks, and Dog Piss

"Russia" is the second single from Menomena founder Brent Knopf's Barsuk-signed solo project, Ramona Falls. You can find the song on Knopf's debut, last fall's Intuit; today a video for the single was released. It's an arty clip - as in, it even takes place in an art gallery - and follows Knopf as he tries to woo a cute lady, chasing her through a carnival, a skating rink, a chapel, not giving up even after the dog he gives her takes a piss on her shirt. I like this video a lot - the origami cranes, the balloons, and the desperation at work go well with "Russia"'s moody, darkly romantic tone.

Ramona Falls will be playing the Crocodile this Sunday, May 16.

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