Getting to Know La Roux, Thanks to Abbey Road, and a Little Help From TiVo

La Roux
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Over the last 18 or so months, we have TiVoed a live music show filmed and recorded from London's famous Abbey Road Studios, the same place where the Beatles made most of their records. The show, Live From Abbey Road, gives viewers a chance to get turned on to newer bands like Mika and Bloc Party, while also re-visiting classic artists like Vancouver's Bryan Adams.

Last week, I was smitten with a new dance-pop band from Bristol called La Roux. Join me if you would!

La Roux, "Bulletproof": This is pop with a dark edge...done right if you are asking me.

La Roux, "Going In For The Kill": The cool thing about the Abbey Road show is that you get to sort of sit in on really candid interviews about the actual music that you are about to hear. Singer Eleanor Jackson tells of writing the first half of this song just before flying somewhere to break up with her partner. Interesting factoid if nothing else.

La Roux, "I'm Not Your Toy": Another great synth-pop infection!

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