Enrique Iglesias Debuts New Single Featuring... Lionel Richie and Pitbull?

Crooners unite!
Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias debuted his new single via Z100 this morning. "I Like It" is a bizarre collaboration that's - brace yourself - produced by RedOne, features rapper Pitbull, and samples Lionel Richie's 1983 classic "All Night Long (All Night Long)."

You can listen to the entire song here. (You're welcome.)

I desperately want to trash it, but guess what? I love it. Mike Seely dubbed it "club catnip." (Then again, he and Lionel are tight.) The single is a Eurodance-style sausage fest that is out just the right time to blast during Cinco de Mayo.

We're going to party, karamu, fiesta, forever...

The icing on the cake: "I Like It" is on the official Jersey Shore Soundtrack. Who woudda thought Lionel would ever make that tracklist?!? Too. Awesome. Beat up the beat!

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