Bob Dylan, Mary J. Blige, Weezer, Hole Said to Be Headlining Bumbershoot

Rolling Stone apparently included the headliners in their summer music preview. If they're right--and Bob Dylan, Mary J. Blige, Weezer, and Hole are headlining Bumbershoot--then this is the most excited I've been about the headlining acts in years, and makes the full-priced ticket ($40, versus $22 for everything BUT the headliners) worth every penny, in my opinion.

OK, I'm not psyched to see Hole, but it's a great get for Bumbershoot. Makes perfect sense. I'm not WILD about Weezer, but as a festival act? Hell yeah. And I don't need to waste any space explaining why Dylan is one of the best headliners Bumbershoot's snagged in years.

The lineup will officially be announced on Tuesday, June 1, the same day tickets go on sale via

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